Aside from the fact that you can proudly say you've been in two states at once, taking a trip to Perdido Key is a pretty swell summertime activity. Split between Alabama and Florida, the Key is a barrier island boasting white sand beaches, views of the Gulf and a protected state park on the Florida side. If it's about time you got away, do yourself a favor and start mapping out your stay in this perfect summer vacation spot.

Why is Perdido Key such a dreamy destination for family trips? Here are a few highlights of your potential Perdido getaway:

Get your tan on the move

Plan the perfect itinerary at Perdido Key.Lying on the beach is for amateurs. At Perdido Key, vacationers hike, kayak, or run miles along the sand to get their sun-kissed skin, mainly because it's the best way to get a glimpse at the beautiful natural surroundings. Wildlife, wetlands and estuaries abound on this thin stretch of land, and the preserved state parks provide the ideal setting for curious adventurers. You'll quickly discover that these parks and beaches are popular among locals and tourists yet quiet enough to offer some solace or quality family bonding time during your trip. The best part is you don't have to worry about venturing far from these preserved beaches and parks, because most are merely a few minutes' walk away from your Perdido Key rental.

Unspoiled beauty is best

Hotels are meant for Las Vegas, not Perdido Key, according to most travelers who opt for this vacation spot over dozens of others around the country. While you may not find hotels, you'll certainly find hundreds of Perdido Key condos, houses and other cozy rentals for you and your loved one or your whole family to stay. 

"The beach itself is lovely," Suzan McIntire, a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, told "We enjoy being close to Johnson Beach at Gulf Islands National Seashore, which has even more space to walk and swim."

The world's just a short distance away

Just because Perdido Key is an untouched natural treasure, you don't have to feel cut off from the world. Only a short walk or drive from your three-bedroom Perdido Key house, you'll find the Shops at Villagio or Artworks Studio & Gallery, which are both signature attractions in the "downtown" area of the Key. Whether you're looking for souvenirs for friends back home, a fresh sushi roll or an inside look at local artisans' work, you can find it. 


Then, of course, there's Flora-Bama. Straddling the two state lines, this lively watering hole is a favorite among many travelers who venture here for a golf getaway, bachelor or bachelorette party, or a getaway with friends. During the day, families and other vacationers find a fun and tasty lunch here. Most kids get a kick out of their meals when they arrive, as each comes served on a Frisbee that they can keep and use later on in the trip. At night, the party-seeking crowd comes to Flora-Bama to socialize, dance and play.