Discover a unique crustacean when you order royal red shrimp at King Neptune's Seafood Restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama. These succulent delights are fished from the deep waters of the gulf and boast a sweet taste that will please any shrimp lover. Better yet, they're served still encased in their shells, which is the best way to keep in all of the mouthwatering juices before chowing down.

A friendly establishment

As with so many other Gulf Shores restaurants and stores, King Neptune's is owned and operated by a local couple whose passion is sharing their love of
food with everyone who dines. Al and Diane Sawyer have been working in the restaurant business for much of their lives and know exactly how to make you feel welcome.

"We've just always focused on providing our
guests great food," said Al Sawyer on the restaurant's website. "That comes easily to us, because of our experience and our love of fresh seafood from the Alabama Gulf Coast."

The royal red treatment

King Neptune's is one of the many restaurants that serves royal red shrimp, and diners can't get enough of the ruby-hued seafood. These deep-sea dwellers were only discovered in the last decade or so and have become something of a delicacy in northeastern states. Down South, however, they're plentiful and even more delicious, especially because they come straight out of the Gulf of Mexico.

When you first sit down at King Neptune's, you don't even have to look at the menu - simply order an ocean sampler platter and go from there. No matter what side dishes and beverages you choose, you'll experience what might be the best meal of your vacation  - and you'll already be looking forward to your next getaway at a Gulf Shores beach rental.