ORANGE BEACH, Ala.—The Alabama Department of Transportation revealed plans in a recent report to spend $20 million on median improvements and beautification of Ala. Hwy. 182, commonly called “Beach Road.”

The aim of the project is to create a new traffic pattern to reduce intersection conflict points, thereby reducing an anticipated 35 percent of crashes caused by left-hand turns. Property accesses would not be limited from any direction, according to the report, which also stated the project would extend from Gulf State Park to the Florida state line.

A new grassy media will eliminate random left turns and only allow drivers to turn at newly designed and controlled traffic signals. The project concept has been designed to accommodate holiday check in/check out, weeknight dinner rush, and growing traffic volumes.

Traffic signals would be controlled to result in more green lights, thereby keeping traffic moving.

Construction could begin in October and be finished by spring 2017.

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