When military service members are deployed or redeployed, each day away is difficult—difficult for the service members, spouses, children and even extended family members. That’s why when they return, it’s so important for them to reconnect.

That’s where Operation ReConnect comes in.

Operation ReConnectIn celebration of family, Operation ReConnect helps provide these returning veterans with the gift of time with their families at the beach.

“Veterans have to make tough decisions every day. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and children at home put in late hours thinking about their loved ones overseas. They also have to pick up the roles and duties of those gone in order to keep the family unit intact and running smoothly. This is a celebration of those here at home as much as those deployed,” said Ryan Charrier, founder and president of the organization.

No one would know better than Charrier just how difficult time away during deployment can be on everyone in a family. He developed the concept of the organization during his own deployment to Afghanistan.

“A fellow service member brought to my attention that he and his family had never been on a true family vacation. With that information, I brought in a network of incredible people from coastal Alabama and, together, we provided this family a free vacation to the Gulf Coast. At that moment, I realized it was my responsibility to take on the much-neglected opportunity to help all combat veterans returning from a deployed environment. Operation ReConnect was born, and I am honored to serve those who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so we may all enjoy freedom.”

Operation ReConnect, through the gift of vacation rental property owners and numerous other companies and individuals along the Gulf Coast, provides complimentary accommodations, meals, amenities and more for families to enjoy an uninterrupted week at the beach for families to reconnect.

“Meyer Vacation Rentals and its owner partners have been a proud partner with Operation ReConnect from the very beginning of the organization,” said Meyer Operations Specialist Sarah Kuzma. “The stories of these families being able to spend time together relaxing and bonding during their visit are truly inspiring, and we are pleased to be able to assist Ryan on this mission.”