When you want to get away from the crowds yet still enjoy access to the same type of amenities you would typically find in many much larger condo complexes, consider a vacation rental in a low-rise, low-density complex.

We interviewed Meyer Vacation Rentals Guest Sales Team Leader Anna Grantham to learn why low-density condos, with four or fewer stories,  are so appealing.

“I am an advocate for vacationing in low-density complexes. There are many benefits,” Anna said. “In some cases, low-density complexes may be a little older than some of the newer high-rises, so the rental prices for these vacation rentals are perfect for cost-conscious travelers.”

Anna also noted that many of Meyer Vacation Rentals’ units in low-density complexes are newly renovated, providing fresh and modern accommodations.

With fewer vacation rental units in a building—and subsequently fewer people per square foot of space—comes less competition for space on the beach, less of a wait for elevators, and fewer folks splashing in the pool.

She also noted that the lack of parking decks or parking garages means parking areas in low-density complexes are often more spacious and closer to the entrance of the unit.

Another characteristic of lower-density condos that distinguishes them from larger, higher-density properties is that they were often built perpendicular to the beach rather than parallel, Anna said, creating an opportunity for guests to save money without sacrificing easy access to fun activities.

“The units along the side of the complex will have a decrease in rental cost but will still have immediate beach access and sometimes even an angled or partial view of the Gulf. This concept can apply to lagoon or bay properties as well,” she added.

Book your next beach vacation in a low-density condo complex in Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Orange Beach or Perdido Key.