If you’ve always wondered how people build such creative sandcastles with more detail than just some wet mounds of sand, call the crew from Sand Castle University. They can show you exactly how to do it.

Offering classes for all ages and skill levels, Sand Castle University will meet your group at the beach and bring all the tools necessary to show you how to construct detailed sandcastles you never thought you could build on your own.

Sand Castle University 2018The tools are nothing too elaborate—just stuff you have lying around at home or can easily purchase from a dollar store when you get to the beach.

Classes are brought to you according to a published schedule, but instructors might be able to fit your crew in if you can’t make it during one of the scheduled session times.

Sessions for Sand Castle 101 last an hour and provide the basics to building fantastic sandcastles. This class is perfect for all ages.

Sand Castle 102 classes last two hours and provide more intensive instruction on the detail work as well as using advanced sand carving tools. This class teaches more elaborate techniques and is suggested for ages 12 and up.

Charlize P., the little girl in the photo and video above told her mom, "The sandcastle class was the most fun I've had since we relocated to the beach!"

You can also hire the team from Sand Castle University to also come out to a location of your choosing to construct a customized sandcastle to celebrate your event: wedding, engagement, anniversary, marketing event, corporate retreat, birthday, reunion, etc.

Treat your group to a sandcastle building lesson when you stay at a two-bedroom, Gulf-front condo.