Meyer Vacation Rentals welcomed a big celebrity in a small package to the beach in May as social media sensation Jake Boone and his family visited the Gulf Coast.

You might know Jake from his YouTube channel or Facebook page titled, “Life According to Jake Boone.”

Jake Boone 1Four-year-old Jake was joined at the beach by his parents and little brother Rhett, who just turned 2.

Jake achieved celebrity status quite by accident, said his mom, Chrystal Logsdon who, along with dad, Nick, brought the children to the beach. “I was making a grocery store list and Jake wanted to help. He picked up a notebook and started asking me what we needed and repeated what I told him. I thought it was so cute so I picked up my phone to video him,” she said. “I sent the video to my mom who shared it on her Facebook page and with her friends and before I knew it, the video went viral.

Chrystal’s mom encouraged her to send in the video to “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” “I had completely forgotten about it when they called seven months later and said they wanted us to come to California and be on the show! We ended up winning $10,000 but didn’t get the big win of $100,000.”

Jake Boone in Gulf ShoresJake’s videos involve Jake talking about normally mundane life experiences on the family farm: giving directions, transporting plants, digging a ditch, farm work and more. His Southern accent and serious conversations have charmed hundreds of thousands of people who follow him on Facebook and YouTube.

“People write and tell me all the time how happy Jake makes them when they see his videos. We just want to bring a smile to people’s faces,” Chrystal said.

Jake got a chance to enjoy a different environment recently at the beach.

Some of the fun activities Jake enjoyed while on his trip to the beach included a sandcastle building contest with Sandcastle University, a trip to The Park at OWA to ride rides and hop around the brand new splash pad, dinner at Lucy Buffett’s Lulu’s restaurant, and dinner at The Hangout.

The family headquarters for the trip was one of the most popular condo complexes on the beach—the Lighthouse, which is near restaurants, beach shops and the public beach in Gulf Shores.

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