When you vacation at the beach, it’s easy to want to toss workout routines and healthy foods in favor of lounging and over-indulging.

Jackie SmithBut there are lots of small things you can do to help avoid post-vacation guilt later, said Jackie Smith, an exercise physiologist who heads up Meyer Vacation Rentals’ LiveWell program for team members that encourages healthy lifestyles.

Drive past the drive-thru.
While driving, plan where and when you will be stopping for meals. A plan will give you more flexibility when choosing a restaurant with healthier options. Packing healthy snacks if it is a longer duration of time between meals is always a good idea. Food choices and serving sizes can get out of control when we are too hungry.

Pack snacks.
On days that you will be indulging more than usual, try to keep other meals and snacks on the healthier side. Also, when you plan to be out all day, bring along your own healthy snacks to stave off hunger. It will keep money in your pocket and help you avoid unhealthier options. Trail mix, granola bars, protein bars, or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, are all healthy, portable options.

Stock the fridge.
Keep healthier foods available at your vacation rental. Stash nuts and stock your fridge with fruits and veggies. Having healthier options readily available can keep some of your choices better.

Make your own meals.
Cooking may be one of the last things we want to do on vacation, but taking advantage of a kitchen you have access to can be a wise decision. You are more likely to eat something healthier at your vacation rental—and you will know exactly what’s in it.

Take the stairs.
Skip the elevator and opt for the stairs instead to sneak in some extra cardio.

Embrace your surroundings.
While at the beach, try doing some stretches or some basic yoga moves on the sand instead of indoors. A change in scenery and fresh air might be the boost needed to get physical. Take a long walk or a bike ride through a local park.

Be adventurous.
Use a kayak to get into areas of the local waters that you may not be able to access by boat. Try paddle boarding.

Try the local specialties.
Take advantage of what an area’s known for—whether an activity or local food. Try swimming in the Gulf instead of the pool. When visiting the beach, try the local seafood of the area.

Strength train wherever you are.
Bodyweight exercises, such as a wall sit, lunge, pistol squat, lunge jump, etc., can be done anywhere and require zero equipment. Bust some moves inside or out to keep fit.

Keep work at bay.
You’re on vacation, remember? Resist the urge to check work e-mails and focus on having fun. It will keep your mind clear and allow you to decompress.

Free your mind.
Meditating for just a few minutes each day can help relieve anxiety and stress. Being at the beach makes meditation easy. Sit outside, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths. Let the sound of the waves take you away. 

Get the most out of time off.
Doing activities that you enjoy and sharing time with friends and family (or alone time!) ensure that you will get the most bang out for your buck out of a vacation.

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