When you're traveling with little ones, your top priority is their happiness. Children can sometimes have a shorter attention span than you, but without a doubt, their joy at the little things in life is infectious. There are certain tricks that will make any family vacation a whole lot more fun for everyone, and the best part is they're easy to follow. Start planning your vacation to Alabama's Gulf Coast and get ready to put these foolproof family plans into action:

Document the trip

Planning a trip to Gulf Shores will keep your whole family smiling.In today's world of technology, taking pictures and videos of your family adventures is much easier than it used to be. You don't have to have a massive video camera to capture memories on film, which makes it easier to quickly whip out your smartphone and get your child squealing at a crab on the beach before the moment passes. Some people feel like being occupied with filming and snapping photos can take away from the vacation experience, but it actually can make you significantly happier in the long run, as you have a physical reminder of the fun times your family had together. Every small detail is so precious years later. 

Know your limits

You have to go into planning your vacation with your kids in mind. In Gulf Shores, your options for places to stay are abundant - most children love to have free reign of their space, whether they're staying in five-bedroom Gulf Shores houses or spacious Gulf Shores condos. You'll like it because instead of hotel lobby breakfast you can treat the family to breakfast right in your coastal condo or beach house, and they'll like it because they can eat on the balcony and spread out all the toys they brought along with them in the living room. 

Find fun activities

Gulf Shores and the neighboring areas are filled with lively attractions and activities for kids. When you are ready to explore adventures beyond the beach, you can take them to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, where they'll find kangaroos, tigers, monkeys and wild birds - some of these they might even be able to pet and play with! At times you can even pay a little extra and make a reservation to interact with tiger cubs.

Gulf Adventure Center

At the Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores you will find a really fun way of seeing the whole coast in a short amount of time - ziplining! Situated on Lake Shelby between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Hummingbird Ziplines allows you to soar high in the air and soak up views of the beaches and shoreline.

If your kids don't meet the 65 pound minimum weight limit, there are other fun activities at the Gulf Adventure Center, such as paddle boarding, nature tours and kayaking. All of these excursions are the perfect add-ons to your Gulf Shores vacation, and they no doubt will inspire your kids to take on a new appreciation for the outdoors!