A typical day spent at a Gulf Shores rental involves plenty of relaxation. Hours pass by as you sit back on the beach, enjoying the pristine Gulf Coast while you soak up the sun and take in all that the area has to offer. Similar outdoor activities, like fishing or biking, may take up a large portion of your vacation. But there are plenty of attractions in the area that add a dash of history to your trip. 

While the bulk of your time at Gulf Shores vacation rentals will involve living in the moment, there are some excellent opportunities to take a step back into the past. Honoring the Battle of Mobile Bay, which took place Aug. 5, 1864, is a fun and easy way to do just that. With the Fort Morgan National Historic Landmark sitting just a short distance from your vacation rental, you'll undoubtedly want to make a trip to this Guardian of the Bay to learn more about the amazing history of this spot. 

The Battle of Mobile Bay

Vacationers can visit the Fort Morgan National Historic Landmark to learn more about the Battle of Mobile Bay.Lasting for nearly three weeks, the Battle of Mobile Bay was a turning point in the Civil War. It all began on the morning of Aug. 5, when a Union fleet composed of 18 ships made a move toward Mobile Bay. Admiral David Farragut led the charge, only losing one ship as he forced his way up the waterway and besieged the fort. The bold moved paid off, as Fort Morgan eventually surrendered to Union forces Aug. 23, 1864.

The Civil War ended several months later, but the stories about the Battle of Mobile Bay have persisted throughout the years. Today, Fort Morgan is one of the most treasured landmarks in the region, and those who visit the site during their Gulf Shores vacation can learn even more about this intense battle. 

Bring the past to the present

With such a fascinating history, it's no surprise Fort Morgan is among the top places to visit when you're staying at a condo in Gulf Shores. Originally built after the War of 1812, the fortress was designed to stand tall against any invaders attempting to get to Mobile Bay. Although it may no longer be used for military purposes and has been deactivated since 1946, it is home to some exhibits and relics that will have you feeling as if you've been transported back in time. 

Fort Morgan boasts a few artifacts that date back decades. The foundation of the barracks, cisterns, batteries and other remnants of the original structure still stand, and visitors can get an up-close view of some of these relics when they tour the grounds. 

If you want to weave some education and history into your family's vacation, then Fort Morgan is the perfect place to visit. Travelers heading to Gulf Shores this summer may even want to honor the anniversary of this epic battle with a trip to the landmark, as they are sure to learn more about the Battle of Mobile Bay and the extensive history of this site.