People love visiting the beach for many reasons. Relaxation is likely at the top of most everyone’s list of must-do activities while visiting Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Orange Beach or Perdido Key.

"This is the third time in four years we have stayed in these condos! We love the pool and hot tub option if we are not feeling like the beach. The beach is easy walking distance and very family friendly. The condo was perfect size for my family of 7. Clean and had everything we needed."

There are numerous ways to relax: sitting on your vacation rental’s private balcony listening to the seagulls overhead and the waves rolling onto shore; strolling on the beach; getting a little vitamin D from the sunshine.

Taking advantage of your vacation rental’s hot tub is another way to bust stress. Sure, the warm water and bubbles feel good. But did you know there are numerous health benefits to soaking in a hot tub?

Why should you choose a vacation rental with a hot tub?

Here are a few reasons to choose a Gulf Shores vacation rental property with a hot tub:

According to hot tub manufacturer Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy has a range of health benefits, such as promoting circulation, speeding up the removal of lactic acid (which builds up after a workout), removing pressure from joints due to the buoyancy of water, pain relief and more.

Warm water has the same impact as a hot pack on sore muscles. Unlike radiant heat, the warm water in a hot tub engulfs the entire body to loosen any muscle tightness. In addition, pressurized water jets can act as a pinpoint massager to apply direct pressure to sore muscles.

The American Heart Association has reported that hot tubs cause the dilation of blood vessels, increasing flow of blood throughout the body, relieving muscle or joint pain by delivering oxygen and enzymes to the site of soreness.

Soaking in a hot tub before heading to bed in your Orange Beach condo can ease the transition into deeper sleep. Be sure you don’t go to bed overly warm by waiting 60 to 90 minutes out of the hot tub before retiring, spending those minutes reading a book or listening to soothing music, suggests the National Sleep Foundation.

Take advantage of the heavenly view at Turquoise Place Condos in Orange Beach by soaking in your private hot tub on your balcony.

A sauna, steam room and hot tubs are available for relaxing at Caribe Resort, where you’ll find more than 40,000 square feet of pools, including a lazy river and waterslides.

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