Residents and visitors along the Gulf Coast of Alabama are raving about Sugarcane Jane. The twosome/sometimes band has been touring throughout the area for only a few years but has quickly climbed the ranks of new blues and folk singers. Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee, the two masterminds behind Sugarcane Jane, flawlessly harmonize and manage to complement each other with every note.

If you're staying at a Gulf Shores beach house rental, keep an eye out for Sugarcane Jane, which most often includes the talented Jimmy Lee Hannaford on bass guitar. 

Meet the artists

Check out Sugarcane Jane: The voice of Gulf Shores, AlabamaAnthony Crawford was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and spent a number of years in Nashville and on tour with various groups. With more than 400 songs under his belt, Crawford has been writing incredible tunes and playing a variety of instruments with musicians including Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Kenny Rogers and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Crawford is also a prolific photographer and videographer whose work has been on display at galleries across the country.

Their music and a strong sense of family brought Crawford and his musical partner - now his wife, Savana Lee - back to the Gulf Coast to build a new life together.

"I was an immediate fan of Anthony's writing and musicianship," Lee said of her husband. "I fell in love with him as an artist and then as a human being. He is an amazing person and my soulmate."

Their chemistry is apparent at all of their shows, and this year, you can catch them at island venues that include LuLu's and Tacky Jack's.

What everyone's saying

Critics have been raving about this dynamic duo ever since they started performing together. Jim Hannaford of the Mobile Press Register has become a devoted fan.

"The first thing you notice about Sugarcane Jane is probably the amazing harmonies," wrote Hannaford. "Or maybe it's the energy, or the originality. Or the sheer talent. Or maybe, all of the above."

Sugarcane Jane is only one of the many examples of terrific local musicians who make regular rotations at the venues throughout the Gulf Coast. Keep your ears open for them and all of the musical acts while you're staying at a beautiful rental on the beach!