Do you have a blossoming fashionista in your life? When bringing your daughter to a Gulf Shores area vacation rental, take her shopping at one of the many boutique and specialty stores located near your beachside accommodations. You'll enjoy spoiling her with beautiful dresses, jewelry, and adorable knickknacks, and she'll be excited to show her new treasures to friends when she gets home. If it's her birthday, even better - you can sneak away to a shopping trip of your own and get the perfect item she'll always cherish.

Two sweet specialty shops, Paisley Janes Boutique and Tallulah's Treasures, are among the charming stores where you're guaranteed to pick up a lovely item before you walk out the doors.

Whimsical delights at Paisley Janes Boutique

Gulf Shores boutique stores: Gift shopping made easyThe gorgeous dresses and flirty tops at Paisley Janes Boutique are perfect for preteens and teens who want to get in touch with their feminine side. Flowing fabrics and girly patterns -including paisley, of course - are super trendy these days, so if your daughter wants to look her best when she gets back home, take her here for a shopping spree. The fashions come in all sizes and will flatter any body type.

You can also accessorize every outfit you purchase with a chunky belt, some bangles and ornate necklaces - whatever you're in the mood to use to jazz up your ensemble!

Eclectic wonders at Tallulah's Treasures

Do you think there's no such thing as wearing too many patterns at once? The folks at Tallulah's Treasures in Orange Beach would have to agree. This specialty store has some of the most adorable beach-themed fashions, crafts and accessories that you'll definitely want to bring home with you. Ornately decorated leather shoes, jewelry boxes covered in seashells, and handmade apparel line the shelves at this quaint establishment.

Shopping is always in season on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, so be sure to check out all of the boutique stores near your beach rental.