As you plan your Gulf Shores vacation, you should think about the type of memories that you would like to create with your family. Keeping that in mind, consider the kinds of experiences that would evoke the most nostalgia in the future.

If you are leafing through pamphlets or browsing the Web for ideas for your approaching Gulf Coast excursion, you are likely to find a whole stack of information about things to do on the water. Because of its unique location on the Gulf of Mexico, the Orange Beach area is perfect for aquatic outings. Skimming through the lists of opportunities around this locale, one thing will probably stand out to you: fishing.

Fishing by land

Gulf Shores fishing allows all members of the family to have a little funYou don't have to charter a boat for a fishing adventure. You can be just as entertained fishing on the Gulf State Park Pier. This is a great spot where travelers and locals alike cast their lines while still staying ashore.

However, if you care to make your vacation even more special, then a boat-based journey may be more tempting.

A chartered fishing outing allows every member of the family to have fun, in addition to enabling everyone to bond. Children of all ages are welcomed on board.

Boating fun

You can book chartered fishing excursions that are specifically designed for families through captains in Fort Morgan and Orange Beach. In fact, there are numerous options in terms of these trips, and you can select one that is the best fit for your family.

If you have children who are on the younger side, you might find a three-hour outing is a good option. This budget-friendly trip gives you and your family the chance to catch some mackerel as you cruise closer to the shore.

For those looking for a little more adventure, there are longer fishing options. Particularly if you have older children, the four- to six-hour-long outings may be your best bet. These exciting excursions take place on larger vessels and bypically venture out farther from the shore.

Even though your family is bound to be amused the entire time you're out on the Gulf, there are some precautions to consider.

Be sure no one gets sunburned standing on the boat deck. By packing hats and lathering everyone up with loads of sunblock, you can better guarantee that your family members will be comfortable.

Stock up on snacks and drinks so children can enjoy them throughout the trip. Among the food and beverages you pack, think about including easy-on-the-stomach items like ginger ale and saltines to help ward off seasickness.