SittinFrom forests to the Gulf, Alabama bike trails allow for fitness and fung back and doing next to nothing during a vacation is not everyone's cup of tea. If you have a two-day maximum when it comes to napping on a Gulf Shores beach, then you are in luck. There is far more to the Alabama coast than waterside lounging and relaxation, and even the most restless of athletes can find ample activities that will keep them occupied and entertained.

Even though running after the kids and making sure that they're well cared for can sometimes feel like exercise, you may be looking for an opportunity to really get your blood pumping. In this portion of Alabama, you won't have to search far for such possibilities. For example, the Gulf Shores area features a number of scenic bike trails that allow you to enjoy all of the sights that the natural landscape has to offer, in addition to squeezing in a bit of cardio time.

Glide through Gulf State Park on your bike
The city of Gulf Shores recommended that active travelers take advantage of a couple of bike trails that are integral to the area. One such course is the Gulf Shores Bike Trail. It is a tempting attraction for vacationers to visit and experience, posing its own set of unique qualities that visitors may find extremely appealing.

Situated in the Gulf State Park, the Gulf Shores Bike Trail is a paved course that is ideal for cyclists and pedestrians alike, no matter their level of fitness. According to Outdoor Gulf Coast, the trail begins on the State Park's Road 2, making its way through various types of terrain.

Pedal among the Alabama landscapes
If you decide to bike your way through the Gulf State Park via this course, then you can expect to see everything from forests to wetlands, depending on which portions you choose to ride. Divided into separate sections, this trail presents different kinds of scenery. This is especially great because it gives you the option to complete a short or an extensive workout, depending on the degree of motivation you're feeling throughout your vacation.

The first stretch of this trail is aptly named the Gulf Oak Ridge. Winding through a forest full of native oak trees, this portion of your ride will prove smooth, shady and aesthetically pleasing.

Following this component is the second span of the trail, which is called the Twin Bridges, as it brings you atop two elevated boardwalks that allow you to ride effortlessly through the Alabama wetlands. If you are starting to feel fatigued, you can make a pit stop here, taking a break in the shaded pavilion and capitalizing on the available restrooms on the nearby Catman Road.

From there, you can head to sandy shores with the Rosemary Dunes trail. This trail is a bit more diverse in terms of landscape, evolving from hilly and tree-populated areas to swampier turf as it heads toward the Gulf Coast.

Although you will be more than satisfied with the already existing network of bike trails, you may be even happier to hear that the Gulf Shores municipality plans to join it with the area's Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. As a result, the course will extend from north of Fort Morgan area to the quaint golf courses around Gulf State Park.