Guests staying at Gulf Shores area beach house or condo rentals may want to leave extra space in their luggage for antique pieces that they won't be able to find anywhere else. Besides its popularity for the large Tanger Outlet Center, Foley is known for its impressive antique shopping scene, and with so many interesting stores to choose from, there's no way you'll leave empty-handed.

Gift Horse Antique Centre

Go antiquing in Foley, AlabamaLocated on Laurel Avenue, the Gift Horse Antique Center is a wonderful shop for you to pick up small pieces of furniture, as well as jewelry, beautiful china and countless fashion accessories and trinkets. When you first walk into the store, you'll be bombarded with simply stunning pieces of glassware that seem to glisten at every angle. The charming showroom gives you an idea of how you can display antiques in your own home so you won't be at a loss when you start to decorate with your new-found pieces.

Hollis Ole Crush Antique Mall

If you're looking for a special gift for someone - or maybe for yourself - head to the Hollis Ole Crush Antique Mall, which caters to buyers in search of adorable collectibles. Situated on South McKenzie Street, this antique store has hundreds, if not thousands, of incredible finds that you won't see anywhere else.

Old Armory Antique Mall

Antique items recall an illustrious time from the past. If your idea of going shopping includes vintage pieces from a variety of eras, the Old Armory Antique Mall is just for you. Specializing in beautiful antiques dating back decades, this fascinating store is teeming with items that will add to your collection.

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