There is no shortage of fun activities in Gulf Shores, but many of the best can be found in one convenient spot. The Gulf Coast Adventure Center, which is found in Gulf State Park between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, is one of these can't-miss locales. 

About the Gulf Coast Adventure Center

There are many fun experiences waiting for travelers at the Gulf Coast Adventure Center.Spread out across 14 acres of land, the Gulf Coast Adventure Center boasts a wondrous array of activities that all travelers will be able to enjoy. From quiet walks to thrilling water sports, there is no lack of things to do at the facility, and guests of all ages can get in on the fun when they make the trip to Gulf Shores. 

While the zip lining course from Hummingbird Ziplines is a large part of the center, it is certainly not the only thing visitors can enjoy when they stop by. In fact, there are a number of great activities and opportunities within the facility that can satisfy any type of traveler. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping outing or a quieter pastime, the Gulf Coast Adventure Center has something for you. 

Get active

One of the coolest things to do at the Adventure Center is to get your heart rate pumping with some fun physical excursions. Paddle boarding and kayaking are two of the most popular, and with rental equipment available and plenty of open space waiting to be explored, the Adventure Center is the ideal setting. 

Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and for good reason. It acts as a great workout while also allowing you to cross over the calm waters found in Gulf Shores. Once you get the balance down, you can stand at your full height and take in the full view of Lake Shelby, Gulf State Park and the surrounding areas. 

Kayaking also lets you explore quieter parts of Gulf Shores. This boating experience is easy enough for any first-timer to learn quickly, but it also provides an opportunity to survey more remote areas on the water. Instructors are available to teach you the basics of kayaking, giving you the confidence you need to have a great experience. 

Visitors planning on kayaking or paddle boarding should be aware of the rental rates for the equipment required for these excursions. Paddle boarding gear is available at rates of $21 for one hour, $44 for four hours and $66 for eight hours. Single kayaks can be rented for $10 for one hour, $30 for four hours and $45 for eight hours, while double kayaks are available at $18 for one hour, $42 for four hours and $62 for eight hours. All rates are subject to tax. 

The educational side

In addition to the many ways visitors can get active during a visit to the Adventure Center, there are several opportunities for educational experiences. Simply walking or hiking through the area can expose you to many native creatures, from marine life to coastal birds, as well as the flora of the coast. 

The Gulf Coast Adventure Center is also going above and beyond to provide information for visitors. It is planning to introduce Eco Tours and Educational Tours in the near future. The Eco Tours will focus on the plants and animals found within the park, and expert guides will be on hand to take guests into nature to see just how all of these living things work together along the Gulf Coast. Similarly, the Educational Tours will provide an inside look at how the ecosystem of the area plays a role in the history and culture of Gulf Shores. Travelers who want to learn more about their vacation destination will find these treks to be can't-miss events. 

Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park is a top-notch destination in its own right, and many travelers who plan stays at Gulf Shores rentals make it a point to visit this protected space. Nestled right on Lake Shelby, the park offers a spectacular look at the surrounding areas as well as an excellent environment for fun and exploration. If you'd prefer a slower pace, consider bringing a picnic and dining in the gorgeous settings found in the park. Sitting back, relaxing and soaking up the beautiful views is a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of Gulf Shores. 

The Gulf Coast Adventure Center, located at 21101 State Hwy 135, is open seven days a week.