When you visit the Gulf Coast of Alabama, one of the best ways to enjoy the region is to take a dip into that sparkling turquoise water that laps at the white sand beaches right outside Orange Beach condos. As you sunbathe and play games on the beach, it will be hard to resist cooling off in the gorgeous, cerulean waters.

Swimming, body surfing and simply splashing in the waves are great ways to enjoy the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, but if you want a truly aquatic experience, look into boat rentals on the beach. Just steps away from Orange Beach rentals, there are a number of local businesses that are happy to help you get out on the water.

Rent a banana boat

Banana boat rentals are available just steps away from Orange Beach condos.Want to take a ride out on the waves with a bunch of friends or the whole family? Set sail on a banana boat, which is actually just a massive, banana-shaped passenger tube. This large floatation device holds as many as six passengers and is pulled behind a ski boat. If you want a leisurely ride, the boat can pull you smoothly across the waves, but if you're looking for a bit of a thrill, tell the driver to crank the speed and hang on tight! Flora-Bama in Gulf Shores can accommodate this adventure, as can Blue Reef Watersports in Orange Beach. 

Head out on a pontoon

If you're renting four-bedroom condos in Orange Beach with your family or friends, you could probably relax on your balcony or in your spacious living room. However, there are few things like simply cruising on a pontoon. Fortunately, you can catch some rays on one of these boats when you vacation in Orange Beach. Rent a pontoon at Zeke's Landing. The knowledgeable professionals there will walk you through all the safety information and boating steps, so you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon out on the water with your whole family or a bunch of friends.

Jet across the Gulf

Let's face it - it's not truly a beach vacation without a trip out on a Jet Ski! Almost every rental shop along the beach will lend you these speedy water vehicles, most of the time stocking Yamaha WaveRunners - the personal watercraft of choice for many beach bums. Scoot across the water with your best friend or take the kids for their first-ever ride. Of course, you can always rent your own and enjoy the thrill all to yourself. 

Paddle in peace

If you're less into extreme boating and prefer a quiet, serene water experience, you may want to look into kayak rentals in the area. You may want to travel a bit further to best enjoy this boating experience, since the shores off the beach near beach houses in Orange Beach may be choppy from other boaters. Head northeast to Sanroc Cay Marina, which is located on the backwaters of Orange Beach. Here, a number of boating shops rent single, and double stand-up and glass-bottom kayaks. The latter is best for dolphin sightings. With Glass Bottoms Dolphin Tours, you can enjoy a guided kayak ride through Cotton Bayou, Terry Cove and the Canoe Trail in Perdido Bay, where you're sure to spot many of these majestic creatures.