Looking for a dose of friendly faces and nutritious food that will fit into any diet? At Fairhope Health Foods you can stock up your Gulf Shores vacation rental with seasonal fruits and vegetables - many of which are organic - as well as hearty eats like whole grain bread and protein-rich goods such as quinoa and farro. This family-owned shop is eager to help everyone feel healthier every day by providing them with dietary advice. Additionally, the store also supplies essential oils and cosmetics so you can turn your daily rituals into healthy and environmentally conscious practices.

A sampling of services

Get a dose of health at Fairhope's Sunflower CafeAlong with providing a wide array of produce and meat products that aren't processed or treated with harmful chemicals, Fairhope Health Foods also stocks an impressive assortment of herbs, minerals, toiletries and vitamin supplements to help you get or stay on a healthier track. The knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer your questions about vitamins, foods, skin care and more.

Healthy advice

The staff members at Fairhope Health Foods know about the latest trends concerning health in the United States. Luckily for you, you can easily heed their advice about avoiding sugary and fried foods and cook your healthy meals at your Gulf Shores beach house rental, which is outfitted with a full kitchen. Want to make some gluten-free cookies or a delicious vegetarian meal? Cook it up to your liking and feed your family members food that will fill them up without loading on the calories.

Sunflower Cafe


If you prefer to let someone else prepare your food, Sunflower Cafe - located next door - serves delicious and healthy lunches. Their natural and organic menu items are a fusion of ethnic and local cuisine made from scratch each day. You'll find appetizers and snacks from hummus to shrimp lettuce wraps. For the main course, choose a falafel or other wrap, portobello sandwich, lemongrass stir fry, or maybe Thai peanut pasta. There are many more items, too, so come hungry and then order more to bring home for dinner!