Looking for a truly unique family-fun activity during your next Orange Beach vacation? Book a pirate ship sailing cruise aboard the American Star.

Docked just off Canal Road, at 4575 South Wilson Blvd. in Orange Beach, the American Star invites you aboard for a swashbuckling pirate adventure.

Once aboard, young pirates will defend the ship in a gun battle, sing along as the crew croons songs of the sea, hear true stories of pirate and privateer attacks in the legendary Pirates Cove area, and hunt for the captain’s lost gold and treasure chest.

Once the gold is recovered, crew and passengers celebrate with musical games and a pirate limbo contest as everyone returns safely to the port following a two-hour adventure.

All children 8 and under are required to wear a life vest at all times. Vests are furnished.

Captains ShiverMeFingers and Edmund IronLeg train new maties with the help of the crew for their onboard duties. There’s also pirate face painting to be sure passengers will not be discovered as landlubbers and thrown overboard.

The pirate ship is an all-wooden vessel designed to look like the Pinta, which made its first transatlantic voyage in 1492.

Pirates were known to frequent this coastal area more than 130 years ago preying on Spanish galleons. They are thought to have hidden in Perdido Bay because the entrance was difficult to find. Captain Billie Bowleg’s treasure is still being sought today.

According to the Pirate Adventure website, rumor has it that pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries buried treasure on the shores of the bay because it was difficult to find and shoals in the narrow mouth made entering the bay a tricky maneuver.

There have been repeated rumors that people have found buried treasure in shallow areas of the bay after a storm washed away sand, leaving the treasure uncovered. But the rumors haven't been confirmed. Since the states of Florida and Alabama both regard any treasure found in the water as property of the state, it's very likely that anyone finding treasure in the water would remove it secretly.

Advance reservations are required for pirate sailing cruises, and prices vary based on age. The summer schedule includes two daily sails: at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

You might even see dolphins during your excursion!

Private parties, weddings and corporate functions are welcomed. For more information, call (251) 981-4127.

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