Treat the family to a cruise in the bays of Orange Beach aboard a sailboat on the night of the full moon.

Charter a private sailing excursion from Back Bay Sailing Adventures for up to six passengers to see the moon rise over the water. This is a perfect event for families or other small groups to enjoy during a Gulf Coast visit.

See hues of pink, purple, orange and blue as the sun sets. Then, sail into Perdido Bay for the moon rise.

Back Bay Sailing Adventures and other sailing companies offer this and other types of trips as well, including daytime excursions; adventures that include anchoring, swimming, picnicking and hunting for treasure; sunset cruises on any night of the week; cruises out to see the Blue Angels practice; and more.

Sailing lessons may also available upon request.

Bring a group of six people to enjoy one of these cruises and stay in a four-bedroom condo in Orange Beach.