All of the stunning vacation rentals along the Gulf Coast offer opportunities to lounge on white sand beaches, swim in the warm, turquoise waters and sip on tasty tropical cocktails. Be sure to plan time to explore some of the area's history, since the Fort Morgan Historic Site is right in your neighborhood. 

Fort Morgan vacation rentals become the perfect headquarters for your vacation that combines rich history with warm sunshine. Dating back to the Civil War, Fort Morgan has played an integral role in protecting America throughout the centuries. Now, visitors can walk back through history when they stay in Fort Morgan condos or beach houses. 

Fort Morgan and the Civil War

After it was completed in 1834, Fort Morgan protected Mobile Bay from Union troops during the
Civil War, most notably in the Battle of Mobile Bay. After a two-week siege, the Confederate fort surrendered to Union forces. According to the
Alabama Historical Commission, the actual structure (after which the beach town is named) contains more than 40 million bricks, and is a marvel of masonry.

Lucky visitors may find themselves in town for the annual event that commemorates the Battle of Mobile Bay. Even if you don't make it to the event, you can learn about the fort's many battles through the active living history program or the fort's museum, which is open from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. daily. 

The fort continues to protect

In addition to its central role during the Civil War, For Morgan's power endured through the Spanish-American War in 1898 and into the 20th century, protecting the U.S. during World Wars I and II. The fort was Alabama's largest permanent military post between 1900 and 1923. 

Travelers can experience the entire history of this site when they visit the fort, grounds and museum. In addition to the marvel of the site and actual structure, exhibits at the museum show historic weapons, uniforms, letters and personal items of soldiers who had served at the fort. 

A family destination

Engaging the kids in the history of Alabama and the Gulf Coast is easy here. Three-bedroom condo rentals in Fort Morgan are located right on and near the beach, so kids and parents alike can enjoy some time in the sun before or after touring the fort, grounds and museum. 

Located at the western end of Highway 180, 22 miles west of Highway 59 in Gulf Shores, the historic site is extremely easy to find. Kids will love learning about history when they can explore the fort and imagine what life was like when soldiers inhabited the area and fought for their country. 

Admission to the Fort Morgan grounds is just $4 for kids and $7 for adults, making it an affordable addition to any vacation in the Gulf Coast region.