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Flights bringing visitors close to the Gulf Coast make it easy to travel to hot spots like Perdido K

Destinations along the Gulf Coast have typically attracted travelers from surrounding areas who road trip to the region. That could change with the arrival of new flights to coastal towns, which may make it easier for people from all over the country to visit the area.

Flights make it easier to get to the Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast is a travel destination that is worth a road trip. There is a reason so many families decide to hit the open road to reach their Gulf Shores vacation rentals, but the locale is certainly not limited to those who want to drive. In fact, flights from Southwest Airlines landing at the nearby Pensacola International Airport make it easy for people from all over the country to visit this stunning region. 

Easy access to the Gulf Coast

Flights bringing visitors close to the Gulf Coast make it easy to travel to hot spots like Perdido Key.Flights heading into Pensacola are just a short distance from destinations like Perdido Key. That means it can be effortless to organize trips to the Gulf Coast, regardless of whether you are planning on staying for an extended amount of time or simply want to visit the area for a relaxing weekend. 

"Traditionally, visitors to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have driven to our family beach destination," said Joannie Flynn, of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. "However, the arrival of this historically economical carrier will open new doors for us as we market to those looking for a quick travel option for a weekend girlfriends' trip, a guy's getaway with fishing and/or golf, or a quick couples retreat."

Many of the travelers looking for weekend getaways will want to look into accommodations such as condos in Orange Beach, which offer many of the comforts of home in a prime coastal location. Additionally, renting houses in Perdido Key provides families and travel groups with a sprawling and private location to enjoy for any length of time, all while being just a short distance from the airport. 

Just the start

An easier route for people from all over the country to experience the wonder of the Gulf Coast is just the beginning. As more travelers hear about the natural beauty of the area - not to mention the delicious restaurants, fun attractions and popular annual events - word should spread about the region as a potential destination. That could set off a chain reaction that helps local businesses while also providing more options for visitors heading to the Gulf Shores area.

"We know that once they see our beaches and experience our warm Southern welcome, they often return again and again," Flynn continued. "The new air service is also a boom from local businesses that need to call on customers and vendors. That becomes more affordable starting with these new flights launching. And leisure travelers from our area will also have a host of new destinations to explore. It's a true win-win from our area."

Road trips still a top option

Although the addition of flights may open up the Gulf Shores area to more visitors, there are still many options for those who want to drive. Having your car on hand may also simplify the process of heading out to nearby attractions or getting your whole travel group together for a fun outing. If you're heading to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, the Baldwin Beach Express may be just your ticket. It connects with the Foley Beach Express and after a toll bridge, drops you off right beside The Wharf and many of our waterfront Orange Beach rentals. 

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Family Beach Vacation

Start planning a family trip during school vacations

School breaks during the late winter and early spring are the perfect time to enjoy a family vacation. Bring your loved ones to the Gulf Shores area to take advantage of all of the amazing attractions and beaches, most of which can be enjoyed at any time of year.

You'll have room for the stuff you really want to pack when you stay in Fort Morgan rentals.

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Packing for any vacation can be a pain, but when you stay in Fort Morgan beach house rentals or condos, you can slim down your suitcase while saving some money during your stay. Fully functional kitchens and water sport rentals from nearby shops means you'll have room for all of your favorite beach clothes.

Your Gulf Coast family road trip can be a fun extension of your vacation.

Tips for a happy family road trip

Many travelers plan a road trip to get to their Gulf Shores vacation rental. These adventures can be fun for all families, provided they take advantage of a few tips that help to keep everyone in a group happy - and to get to the destination in a timely manner.

Get lost in Perdido Key beaches

Get lost in Perdido Key beaches

If you're in the mood to lose yourself in a state of pure relaxation, the time has come for you to take a trip to Perdido Key, Florida, where you can forget about your stressful life and spend your days enjoying the beautiful sunshine along the Gulf Coast.

Plan the perfect itinerary at Perdido Key.

Perdido Key: The place to be for family trips

You'll have an easy time convincing the family of why you should vacation in Perdido Key. After just a few minutes talking about the beaches, parks, shops and bars, they'll be asking you when you can book the trip and how long you can rent the Perdido Key condo.

Why rent a beach property?

Why rent a beach property?

With a blend of Southern hospitality and some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the nation, memories of your Gulf Shores area vacation package could last a lifetime. Renting an affordable condo along the beach gives you the chance to spend time with your family.

Orange Beach rentals provide household necessities, but you'll still want to pack some key items.

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5 reasons why Alabama's Gulf Coast is perfect for a winter vacation

5 reasons why Alabama's Gulf Coast is perfect for a winter vacation

The weather outside might be frightful in much of North America, but not for guests at Gulf Shores area beach house rentals. The temperature along Alabama and Florida's Gulf Coast stays pleasantly warm throughout the year, and the sun shines practically every day. This year, skip the snow and head to the beach!

4 things to do at The Wharf in Orange Beach

4 things to do at The Wharf in Orange Beach

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