Family bonding takes on a whole new meaning along the Gulf Coast. When you're spending time with your entire family in 3-bedroom condos in Gulf Shores or at one central beach house, you have many opportunities to embark on unique adventures together, or at the very least take part in some memorable experiences.

While much of this will revolve around frolicking in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or walking the trails of the surrounding area in search of some native animals, you can also take advantage of great family time at facilities like Pirate's Island Adventure Golf. 

Exploring Pirate's Island

Enjoy an afternoon of mini-golf with the whole family at Pirate's Island Adventure Golf.Located north of the Intracoastal Canal Bridge, Pirate's Island Adventure Golf is dedicated to mini-golf and other recreational activities. There are several branches of Pirate's Island in the United States, but the Gulf Shores option is a longtime favorite, especially among vacationers to the area. With multiple mini-golf courses and pirate-themed decor, it is a fun spot for family and friends to get together and enjoy themselves while soaking up the Southern atmosphere. 

To top it off, Pirate's Island Adventure Golf boasts a convenient location on Hwy. 59. That makes it easy to reach from any Gulf Shores condo rentals or Orange Beach beach houses, and it is also just a short distance from some of the area's most popular public beaches.

Golf takes center stage

The main draw at Pirate's Island is, without a doubt, the mini golf. Pirate's Island is home to two separate 18-hole courses, dubbed "Jean LaFitte" and "Blackbeard" in honor of two of the most prominent pirates in history. Although LaFitte might not be as well known as Blackbeard, he staked his claim in the Gulf of Mexico in the early 1800s, and his course is just as tricky as he was. 

"Blackbeard" is regarded as the more difficult course, so families with younger kids may want to stick to "Jean LaFitte." Those guests who are up for a challenge will be eager to test their skills on the additional mini-golf holes, however. Each section of the course is set up around traditional, pirate-inspired environments, including a scene-stealing pirate ship. There is also everything from sea mist and ominous graveyards to lush tropical plants, making this one mini golf facility that is unlike any place you have visited before. 

Although the mini golf courses may be what brings visitors to Pirate's Island, there are plenty of other activities to keep them entertained. The backdrop of the golf courses is ready to be explored, as the shipwreck, caves and waterfalls that fill the space have all been expertly designed to be as real looking as possible. These settings will certainly kick your imagination into full gear and provide your family with an experience they won't forget.

Each hole also offers a bit of pirate lore for visitors to consider. That's the perfect way to add a dash of education to a fun experience, and it may even serve to get your family interested in the history of pirates. 

Hours & More

Pirate's Island Adventure Golf is open every day, but it operates on a seasonal schedule.

Visitors who have reason to celebrate while in Gulf Shores can take advantage of the birthday parties and group rates at Pirate's Island. If your entire extended family is making the trip to Gulf Shores condos for a special occasion, you may want to inquire about this deal to accommodate the whole clan. 

If you're curious about seasonal hours or have any other questions about Pirate's Island, call the office at 251-968-4653.

There are also opportunities for savings thanks to coupons from the Pirate's Island website, which can be found at With these deals, kids can play for free with an adult, but you have to print out the coupon ahead of time and bring it along.