NatureBird watching is a favorite pastime of travelers who head to the Gulf Coast in the fall. lovers who head to the Gulf Shores area for a fall getaway are in luck. The Gulf Coast destination is a hot spot for birds migrating in the fall, and as a result there are many opportunities to head out into the environment and see these spectacular fowl up close. 

Numerous species of birds fly south for the winter, and the coast becomes innundated with these creatures as they enjoy the mild weather and prepare for flights over the Gulf of Mexico. As they rest and refuel, they make a temporary home in several spots around the region, making it easy for travelers to catch a glimpse of these fantastic creatures during fall vacations. 

Animals like herons and pelicans are common sights along the Gulf Coast, and there's a good chance you'll get to spot these birds during any trip to the area. White pelicans typically begin arriving during the first few weeks of October, and they are usually closely followed by gadwall ducks. These flying creatures will remain a common sight for several weeks, and visitors can look forward to watching for the fowl until spring arrives and a wide array of species returns for the warmer months.

Alabama has a number of spots where bird watching is popular, and many are located right around the Gulf Coast. The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail is one of the best bets for observers. Signs add information and guidance to the path, which spans two counties, and it offers some spectacular views of the region as well.

Another great area to check out is the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. This protected space boasts 7,000 acres of land, all of which is reserved for use as a habitat for migratory birds and other native creatures. If you're looking for a spot to bird watch while also keeping an eye out for wonderful animals like sea turtles, this could be the ideal destination.