While you may expect to see the bright blue shades of the water off Alabama's Gulf Coast, the fall season brings about another set of hues: red, orange, yellow and everything in between. While staying in a Gulf Shores beach vacation rental along the water, you can easily take a walk through parks and nature reserves boasting trees that typically have fall foliage.

Take advantage of a Gulf Shores golf trip

Fall colors at the beach? In Gulf Shores, anything's possibleMany of the golf courses in Gulf Shores and throughout the Gulf Coast have maple and myrtle trees, which change from a bright emerald green to prismatic and brilliant shades of fire. If you're going on a golf trip with your buddies or want to wake up nice and early to hit the links with your family, you should take advantage of your gorgeous surroundings and capture some photos against the colorful backdrop.

Peninsula Golf & Racquet Club is one of the many Gulf Shores area golf complexes where you can treat yourself to autumnal colors without having to wear more than a light sweater to keep warm.

Take a drive along Little Lagoon

Surprisingly, Little Lagoon also boasts spectacular fall colors, including autumn-hued flowers such as gaillardias that bloom magnificently during the cooler season. Little Lagoon is about 10 miles long, a mere half mile wide, and has both fresh and salt water. It's a beautiful setting throughout the year, but the fall season is particularly lovely because of the vibrant colors.

Watch out for subtlety

Because Alabama's Gulf Coast doesn't have the typical climate for fall foliage, much of the area's autumnal beauty lies in the subtle color changes. Sumacs, which grow in abundance throughout the Gulf Coast, take their time making the shift from green to red, which is all the better if you want to capture a photograph of the seasonal change in action.

Choosing to rent a house or condo on the bays or backwaters around Gulf Shores may give you a lovely seasonal view during your vacation. It's easy to find beauty on and off the beach!