Artists and intellectuals flock to Fairhope, Alabama for a dash of Southern comfort. In 2009, Southern Living named Fairhope one of the best small towns in the South. 

The Eastern Shore is home to a natural phenomenon known as a Jubilee. Fish, crab, shrimp and even deep-water eels are easy pickings during a jubilee, as they all come to the surface looking for air. Put down your fishing pole for a gig, or just use your hands! A Jubilee typically occurs during the summer season in the hours preceding dawn and is thought to occur due to low oxygen levels in the air.

Fairhope is a town of tradition and art. Their thriving Mardi Gras scene includes several parades put on by local Mardi Gras krewes. You can also catch parades, lights, and ceremony as the whole town comes alive to celebrate the Christmas season. Other renowned events include the annual Earth Day celebration, the renowned Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival and the First Friday Art Walk, which is held the first Friday of every month.

One of Fairhope's many attractions is the Fairhope municipal pier, located directly downtown. It features a marina, restaurant, duck pond, and walking trails. The calm waters of Mobile Bay can be especially beautiful during dusk hours. You can even watch the sunset from a private deck, dock or balcony if you choose to stay for a few days. Check out our latest feature property, Serenity on the Bay, where time moves a little bit slower, and you can do whatever you like all day long.