Want to enrich the minds of your kids while you're staying at a beach vacation rental along the Gulf Coast of Alabama? Fort Morgan, located at the mouth of Mobile Bay, was an active military structure during the Civil, Spanish-American, and both World Wars, and serves as a reminder of how the United States has prevailed over the years. During the Battle of Mobile Bay, one of the most important conflicts during the Civil War, Fort Morgan withstood torpedoes from the North, and the fact that it's still preserved so well today is a testament to the skilled masons who built it.

While your getaway on the Gulf Coast is sure to be filled with hours of playing and swimming at the beach, you can treat your children to a history lesson they'll remember for years to come.

The guardian of Mobile Bay

Although the area now is peaceful, Fort Morgan is
still viewed as the guardian of Mobile Bay. From 1900
to 1923, the fort was Alabama's largest permanent military post and a vital tool in the success of armies during key battles at the beginning of the century.
This 479-acre site has a number of concrete artillery batteries where servicemen sacrificed their lives
for the benefit of the nation.

Fort Morgan today

After wandering around the site, you can take your children to the Fort Morgan museum, where you can peruse exhibits featuring letters, uniforms, weapons and photographs of the men who served at the fort. If you or members of your family are active members of the military, you can go through all of the exhibitions free of charge.

Fort Morgan is open every day of the year except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day, so take the family to these fascinating historical grounds no matter when you decide to book your stay at a beach or condo rental in the area.