Though some travelers booking beach rentals in Perdido Key will be happy to spend their time lounging on the sands of the city's golden beaches, others are looking to enjoy more active pursuits during their vacation on the Gulf. If your family likes to explore the great outdoors, then a trip to Big Lagoon State Park may be in order.

Fun for the whole family

If you're hoping to get some birding in during your visit to Perdido Key, then Big Lagoon State Park is the place to be.One of the more popular parks in Northwest Florida, Big Lagoon State Park is a 705-acre park that boasts a wide biodiversity and a stunning glimpse at the natural side of the Sunshine State. Among the highlights of the park are its twin hiking trails, which wind 5.5 miles through the park and will allow visitors a chance to interact with the plant and animal life of the area. Thanks to slight hills and loose sand, some trails can be challenging, but the views from around the park - particularly from atop the sizable observation tower - are well worth the effort.

A day on the water

Big Lagoon State Park is located on the northern coast of its namesake, Big Lagoon. This massive body of water affords the region a number of damp ecosystems including saltwater marshland and calm beaches, which in turn makes it s a natural destination for adventurous travelers looking to enjoy their time outdoors. From fishing and crabbing to boating and swimming, the lagoon, as well as the assorted lakes found throughout the park, is a great destination for aquatic activities.

Birds of a feather 

Though there are a number of activities available in the park, it is perhaps best known for its birding opportunities. A gateway site for the Great Florida Birding Trail, Big Lagoon State Park welcomes nine natural communities of birds to its six different habitat types each year. Birders from across the country flock to the park during the migratory season in the hopes of sighting some of the rare or endangered species known to inhabit the area, including the snowy plover, as well as more common varieties like the least tern.

When travelers return to their Perdido Key condo rentals at the end of the day, they'll have plenty of great memories - and maybe even a few pictures - that are sure to make their friends and family back home jealous.