Part of the joy of vacationing in spots like Perdido Key is sitting back and soaking up the natural surroundings. Whether you're staying at Perdido Key beach houses or condos, there is a good chance you'll be close to some of the sprawling coastlines or unique environments that make up the Gulf Coast. The perfect place to do just that is at Perdido Key State Park, which is conveniently located just a short distance from many vacation rentals and could be a wonderful place to spend the day with your family while you're on a getaway. 

Enjoy the island life

You can enjoy the fun and beauty of sprawling beaches at Perdido Key State Park.The atmosphere at Perdido Key State Park is a bit different from the rest of the region. That is largely due to its location, as the protected space is set on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. Perdido Key itself is a 247-acre island located on the border between Alabama and Florida, and many travelers are drawn to the area because it offers the laid-back island life at a convenient and accessible point. Anyone driving to the area will be able to reach their Perdido Key vacation rental without too much effort, as there are roads connecting the island to the mainland. 

Barrier islands serve an important purpose along the Gulf Coast. They protect the mainland from harsh storms while also providing sheltered habitats for many sea creatures and birds that call the region home. As a result, a visit to one of these locations will expose you to a wide range of habitats and settings. Not only are there areas that are ideal for relaxing on the beach, but there are also plenty of spaces where you can explore, fish or observe wildlife.

Reel in the catch of the day

One of the most beloved pastimes on the Gulf Coast is fishing, and there are few spots better for this activity than at Perdido Key State Park. Surf fishing is particularly popular. This pursuit brings anglers into the water, as they wade in the surf to cast their lines into the Gulf. Also known as shore fishing or beachcasting, this activity may be ideal for families who want to learn more about the intricacies of fishing without investing in tons of expensive equipment. It does require the ability to cast long distances, but there are also many opportunities to refine this skill in the secluded setting of Perdido Key State Park. 

Plenty of natural beauty

If you would rather save the fishing for another time, never fear, as there are plenty of other activities you can take part in while at Perdido Key State Park. A favorite is simply tanning on the sand or swimming in the calm waters. With picturesque sand dunes, sea oats and an array of diverse animals calling the park home, even a casual trip to the beach could result in a learning experience for a family - not to mention it is a chance to see some of the most stunning settings along the Gulf Coast. 

Long stretches of boardwalks are set up around the park, providing visitors with a safe way to get around the area without causing harm to the protected dunes or animal habitats found throughout the park. Visitors should stick to these preformed walking routes as much as possible to avoid disturbing the environment. Keep an eye out for Ridley sea turtles, which have been known to nest within the park. 

What you should know

Visiting Perdido Key State Park is about appreciating nature and spending time in the gorgeous environment. All travelers should bring beach items and other essentials to pass the day, but other than those necessities, not much is needed. However, anyone planning to spend a few hours on the site may want to bring their own food prepared at Perdido Key vacation rentals, as the area is largely untouched and undeveloped - although there are picnic tables where you can enjoy your snacks. 

There is an admission fee for the park of $3 per vehicle with a limit of eight passengers per car. Correct change is required, as drivers drop off their payment in the honor box. Pedestrians, bicyclists or extra passengers in a vehicle are required to pay a $2 entrance fee.