While watching the sun go down over the water every evening over the course of your Gulf Shores vacation will surely let you take in a significant amount of natural beauty, there are more sights to see throughout this area. Featuring a unique array of both plants and animals the coast of Alabama gives travelers the chance to encounter a whole slew of new species. 

Just by heading to the beach or strolling by the marshland, you and your family may accidentally come across numerous kinds of natural wonders. That said, what if you don't happen to have any chance encounters with other forms of life during your travels?

Make nature a vacation priority

Let your vacation spirit take flight on Gulf Shores birding trail venturesWhether you are residing in your cozy Gulf Shores rental for a short period of time or for an extended stay, you want to be sure to get the full coastal experience. A major part of that entails familiarizing yourself with the area, which includes all of the flora and fauna that it has to offer. 

To guarantee that you and your children see all that you need to see, you should be certain to seek out Alabama animals in their natural habitats. This doesn't mean that you'll have to strap on all of your tracking gear and venture into the forest as if you and your family were suddenly stars on some Discovery Channel special. Instead, all you have to do is make your way over to specific spots that are ideal for surveying various creatures as they interact with their environment.

For example, would you say that you and your family members are interested in making friends with feathered animals? If that's the case, then meander to one of the many locales outlined on the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail. Outdoor Alabama explained that this is one of the most impressive birding destinations in the entire country, made up of 50 stops presenting breathtaking views. 

Look to the skies for a scenic stay

According to the ACBT organization's website, there are six extensive loops that make up this network of trails. Each course features various stops, all of which are remarkably different from one another. For every point indicated on the trail directory, there is a brief description that will provide you and your family with some insight into the type of landscape that can be seen at each stop, in addition to the kinds of birds that can typically be found there.

By skimming through all of the summaries laid out in the trail details, you and your children can select not only which loops you'd like to take on, but also which stops you'd wish to add to your shortlist. Luckily, the must-see locations indicated on the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail map are relatively close to one another, which enables you to walk from Point A to Point B at a leisurely pace.

If you take an afternoon to travel this trail, you and your children can spend some quality time together while exposing yourselves to some pleasant natural sights. Additionally, you can check seeing pelicans and herons flying through the salty air off of your bucket list.