Winter brings fluctuating temperatures to Alabama and Florida’s Gulf Coast, but the seasonal chill means more than just throwing on an extra layer before going outside. The occasional colder temperatures make for great fishing, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

The season's climate in the sunny Florida Panhandle might still feel tropical to Northerners seeking Gulf Coast condo and beach house rentals. Still, these temps are chilly enough for winter speckled trout to move into the bayous, rivers and canals off the Gulf Coast. The news outlet reports the fish will congregate in Florida's waters when the temperatures drop into the 60s - and that's often what you'll find here during the winter months.

Cold-blooded speckled trout keep their body temperatures around the same as the water they are in, which means their metabolism slows significantly when the water temperature drops. The more temperate rivers and bayous provide the fish with a warm sanctuary, which is especially good news for fishing enthusiasts looking for fantastic trout fishing. The Florida Panhandle, particularly Perdido Key, offers prime rivers and streams in which to catch these fish. Other nearby rivers
to try include Escambia, Blackwater, East, Yellow and Simpson. Bayous such as Texar, Chico, Grande, Indian and Tom King might also yield some spectacularly speckled results.

Those dropping a line for speckled trout in the rivers are usually successful in the spring, summer and fall, so there's no worry when arranging your Perdido Key getaway during this time. But the amount of fish during these seasons depends on the amount of rain the region gets. The winter, however, offers almost guaranteed success for speckled trout fishing - giving visitors yet another reason to head south during the colder months of the year.