If you're looking for a great place to take your family for some very casual dining and live music, then the Original Point Restaurant in Perdido Key, Florida, is just what the doctor ordered. Bubba & Them, the restaurant's popular house band, plays there throughout the weekend, and you may find it difficult to stay in your seat when all you want to do is dance.

Who is Bubba & Them?

Check out Bubba & Them at Original Point RestaurantHailed as "the South's funnest bluegrass band," Bubba & Them is a five-piece group filled with energy fed by a vibrant and enthusiastic crowd. Even if visitors aren't expecting live music, they're pleasantly surprised when this entertaining group hits the floor with bluegrass covers and some original tunes as well.

First off, Bubba is actually a woman! Robin Kingry, the head of this impressive band, rocks the mandolin and has been playing with her friends for almost 20 years at the Original Point Restaurant.

What kind of food can I get?

If you haven't already come to expect getting delicious seafood at just about every restaurant in Perdido Key and along the Gulf Coast, then perhaps a platter of steamed Royal Red shrimp, fried shrimp and lightly battered mullet will finally set the record straight. The chefs at Original Point Restaurant serve an entire mullet, backbone and all, with a light salad and crisp french fries, which would go perfectly with a frosted mug filled with crisp and refreshing ale.

There are many great music venues throughout Perdido Key, as well as the nearby Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan, and more often than not, casual dining restaurants are also offering live music. Whether you're staying at a Perdido Key rental or a condo in Orange Beach, a fun night of entertainment is just around the corner!