Are yoFly on over to Biophilia to see some native Alabama species in actionu and your family looking to become one with nature during your Alabama vacation? If you don't want to venture off into the forests or wetlands of the Gulf Coast in search of nature, then one of the area's many informative nature centers may be right for you. The Biophilia Nature Center in nearby Elberta, Ala. can provide you and your children with plenty of information about the sights and sounds of local flora and fauna.

For families of four or more, you can have a tour of the 20 acres worth of nature-abundant grounds led by a biologist who knows about every native specimen that call this place its home. It's not like any formal garden you've ever seen, mostly because the center's mission to preserve and stay true to the natural state of the surrounding ecosystem. 

Year-round family fun
No matter which season you happen to stop by the Gulf Shores area, there is plenty to take in at this conservation center. At any moment, there are more than 100 different species either buzzing about or taking root in this center. Some of them are relatively expected, like typical flowers that you would see in someone's garden. However, there are others that you and your children will find astounding.

For example, have you ever been able to view a carnivorous plant up close? Well, if you haven't and you think that it would be an entertaining add-on to your Alabama adventures, then you should check out the Biophilia's collection of meat-eating species. The center has an array of carnivorous plants, including five types of sundews and seven varieties of pitcher plants. You can interact with these special plant types, watching them move in response to your touch. With that unique of an experience, your children are bound to remember your Gulf Shores vacation well into adulthood.

If you are thinking of taking a more whimsical tour, then you may want to check out the center during warmer weather when you can check out the butterflies. Here, you can witness these winged locals at every stage of development. Your guide will lead you on a search for butterfly eggs, locating everything else such as chrysalises and caterpillars along the way.

There are plenty of butterflies throughout the grounds of the Biophilia, especially because of the trees and plants that can be found here. These species serve as nutrients for growing butterflies, which makes this area a hotbed for colorful specimens. As you can imagine, the sight of all these butterflies fluttering among the grasses and trees is a picture-perfect scene for you and your family to cherish during your Coastal Alabama trip.