If there's one southern Alabama business that knows a thing or two about style, it's Saltaire Restoration. This new custom furniture shop redefines the way you might look at the bookcases, porch swings, patio furniture and tables that fill your friends' houses or condos, and shows you that these important parts of your household are meant to tell a story. Using reclaimed wood and salvaged artifacts, every furniture piece from Saltaire Restoration is one of a kind and often reinvents the idea of a traditional shutter or hurricane lamp. More and more people are realizing that this boutique is a prized treasure of southern Alabama and are hastily inquiring about when the next paint workshop may be so they can make plans to attend during their Gulf Shores vacations. If you're curious to see just what it is about this restorative furniture shop that makes it so unique, read on to explore the beautiful creations that owners Rhea and Dwayne Brown have dreamed up and brought to life.

The diversity of shutters

So you know the traditional function of shutters - they protect the glass windowpanes from storms, frame your home's windows and often add colorful accents as well. Who would have thought that they can also be used to create spectacular dressers, bed frames, bookcases and porch swings, too? Rhea loves using these salvaged pieces of lumber to make furniture like you've never seen before - and some seriously heavy items, too. In a Saltaire Restoration blog post, Rhea jokes, saying that whoever has to move these pieces to their new homes is not going to be too pleased when they realize how heavy they are! Those who appreciate unique items with a sense of history behind them will love exploring these pieces and coming up with their own tales of the house that these shutters once belonged to and the life they lived before finding their place on the side of a chest or the walls of a bookcase.

Learn from the experts

If exploring the furniture pieces and potentially ordering one of your very own isn't enough to satisfy you, then perhaps a hands-on paint workshop is. Everyone brings something home at these special Saltaire events, such as a picture frame, which is painted with CeCe Caldwell's Paints, the kind Rhea uses on all of her tailor-made furniture products. While Dwayne teaches the course, Rhea socializes with the attendees and offers refreshments to those who want them. Even if the class is your first DIY project, it can be a great way to learn how easy (or tricky) it is to spark your creative mind and come up with a finished product.

Like living on the beach

One of the greatest aspects of the Saltaire Restoration vision is that the pieces made from salvaged wood and with antique finishes make you feel like you're living on the coast in Gulf Shores vacation homes year-round. Those who long for their summer vacations can get a little taste of it in their own homes with a piece from Saltaire Restoration and even have a century-old story behind their custom-made piece. They also sell candles and glass pieces, so you can take home a small reminder of your Gulf Shores vacation and the scent of the Saltaire, as Rhea and Dwayne state on their website.