You might think that elevators only come in handy when vacationing in a Gulf Coast condominium high-rise with many floors of condos. But many beach houses now feature elevators not necessarily as a luxury but as a means of enriching your vacation experience

Whether you are bringing children or someone in your beach vacation party experiences difficulty navigating stairs, beach houses with elevators make accessing all the amenities of your beach house vacation rental as well as all the outdoor fun convenient and safe.


Vacation rental beach houses that come equipped with elevators add an extra measure of convenience for vacationers.

Upon arriving at your Gulf Shores beach house, all you have to do is call for the elevator, push the button and know you’re just steps from a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Unload the car, and take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the fresh, salty Gulf air before loading luggage, coolers and other items your crew has brought right onto the elevator. All you have to do once you get to the entry floor is move the items inside. No navigating narrow stairs with arms full of suitcases, coolers, beach toys and more as you unlock the entry door.

Once you unload the car, it’s time to hit nearby grocery stores to stock up on food and other supplies for your vacation week.

Beach houses with elevators make grocery shopping seem like more of a pleasure and less of a chore. That’s because there’s no need for multiple trips up and down stairs to get bags from the car to the fridge or pantry. Simply place everything onto the elevator, hit the “up” button, and off you go!

In short, elevators in beach houses simply make your vacation easier. Grab your beach drinks and snacks, beach towels, beach toys, call for the elevator and head on down to the beach in seconds.


If your vacation crew includes children, the elderly or others that require walkers, crutches or wheelchairs for mobility, a beach house with an elevator adds an extra measure of safety.

Using an elevator in your beach house can help your friends and family avoid falling down stairs or slipping in damp conditions.

It is significantly safer to assist others onto an elevator to reach the entry floor than to help them navigate stairs. Why not let sturdy steel cables do the hard work of going up and down?

Elevators may also allow access to more floors than the main entry floor, giving your family the option of accessing upper floor bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas more safely than it would be for them to climb interior stairs.

Make your beach vacation easy and safe for all by choosing from our list of beach houses with elevators.