You may be pumped about setting off to the Gulf Coast for a sunny vacation on the beach, but packing can still be a pain. Maybe you're going to check a bag, or perhaps you want all your stuff to fit in a carry-on. You might be concerned about space in the car or maybe you just want to keep it simple and pack light. While you won't be needing those heavy winter jackets and outerwear on any tropical vacation, packing for a beach vacation can still get a little complicated - after all, you want to bring all your trendy summer clothes!

If you're staying in Fort Morgan beach house rentals or condos, you're in luck when it comes to packing. When you head out on a hiking trip or stay in a hotel, you have to bring - or buy - much of what you need to enjoy yourself during your stay. Not so when you stay in Fort Morgan rentals. Thanks to all the amenities provided by your rental and the nearby shops, you can slim down your suitcase and keep your wallet fat so you can really have the time of your life during your vacation to the Gulf Coast. Here are four things you will NOT need to bring with you - they're provided at your vacation home!

Dishes and kitchen utensils

You'll have room for the stuff you really want to pack when you stay in Fort Morgan rentals.Looking to enjoy a few home-cooked meals during your stay in Fort Morgan? Whether you've booked a one-bedroom condo or an eight-bedroom Fort Morgan beach house rental, you won't have any culinary concerns. All rentals come with kitchens stocked with flatware, dishes and cookware - sometimes, even the glasses you'll need for a home bar experience may be waiting in the cabinets.

Every coastal condo and beach house is equipped with small appliances such as toasters and microwaves for easy lunches or breakfasts, or even blenders if you want to make your own margaritas or bushwackers and of course coffee makers for that morning boost.


Fort Morgan restaurants have more than enough delicious menu options for your entire stay, whether it's a weekend or a couple of weeks. However, if you're itching to try out a regional recipe yourself during your stay, you can do that, too. The restaurants serve up the freshest catches from the sea, and you can get your hands on these delicacies at the many local fish markets to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Try Fresh Market Seafood, a family-owned business, Blaylock Seafood or Gulf Shores Seafood in nearby Gulf Shores. You can serve up these special regional delicacies prepared exactly to your liking when you cook in your fully functional kitchen in the Fort Morgan condo rentals.


Need one towel for washing your face, one for your body and another for your hair? You don't have to worry about weighing your luggage down with these bathing necessities when you stay in a Fort Morgan beach house. Each comes equipped with bath towels for your guests.

Scuba and snorkel equipment

If you're traveling from far away, you might not have much use for scuba or snorkeling equipment in your daily life. But you'll want it while you're pursuing these hobbies in Fort Morgan! Whether you're a first-time snorkeler headed out into the water from the beach or looking to take scuba lessons, you can rent the equipment you need from a number of nearby retailers and small shops.