You can enjoy this creamy, cold drink with a kick at many Gulf Shores establishments.

You can sip a bushwacker in most places along the Gulf Coast, but where are some of the best places to get one of these coffee and chocolate milkshake cocktails? These three establishments have been lauded by locals and visitors alike for their delicious recipes.

3 great places to get a bushwacker in Gulf Shores

The bushwacker is a notorious cocktail made of rum, coffee and chocolate liqueurs, and vanilla ice cream. It's about as famous as the soft, sugar-white beaches of Gulf Shores and the surrounding areas. Locals looking for an extra kick will add a 151 topper, so try it like that...if you dare! Curious about where the name came from? The drink is said to have originated in 1975 at The Sandshaker in Pensacola Beach, Florida, just a few miles up the coast from Gulf Shores. We don't know why the owner of The Sandshaker settled on "bushwacker", but we're willing to bet it has something to do with our ecosystem. When viewed by air, it's impressive to see how wooded our area is. The early inhabitants of this area likely did their fair share of bushwacking. You can find these cold, sweet and creamy beverages at many restaurants along coastal Florida and Alabama, but below are three popular spots:

Tacky Jack's

Tacky Jack's is a popular spot for locals and visitors.All of their locations are accessible by water, so expect a great view. Whether you are staying in Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores or Perdido Key, there is always a Tacky Jack's close by. With locations in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, and even the Mobile Causeway, Tacky Jack's is both convenient and delicious. Their bushwacker is made with ice cream, Kahlua, rum, coconut rum and 151. Beyond bushwackers, Tacky Jack's is known for their nachos, raw oysters and a delicious breakfast menu!


With a restaurant and lounge whose previous owner penned a memoir called Bushwacked at the Flora-Bama, you can be sure the creamy cocktail is top notch. The Flora-Bama is one of the most famous establishments along the Alabama and Florida coast. Contrary to popular belief, the roadhouse itself does not sit on the Florida-Alabama line. It is, in fact, located fully on the Florida side. The western wall is about 6 feet from the state of Alabama. The Flora-Bama won't release its top-secret recipe for this iconic drink, but reports it's milk-based and has five types of liquor added to it. 

LuLu's at Homeport Marina

This irresistible Gulf Shores establishment is known for its celebrity owner and for its fantastic bushwackers. Lucy Buffett, sister of trop-rock singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett, owns this waterfront restaurant. They serve up some of the best bushwackers in town. Hers contain coffee liqueur, creme de cacao chocolate liqueur, dark rum, half and half, vanilla ice cream, crushed ice and chocolate syrup. Patrons who want a stronger drink can opt for some additional dark rum or 151, and each is topped off with a maraschino cherry.

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