Rusty Budde   

Rusty Budde was born in Houston, and grew up on a horse ranch outside Brazoria, TX. Rusty signed his first songwriting deal with Ronny Gant in 1980 and he currently writes for Silver Thunder Music Group in Nashville. As a writer Rusty has penned songs for Les Taylor (Exile), Hank Thompson, Earl Thomas Conley and many others. Co-writers include Red Lane, Hank Cochran, Steve Cropper, Hank Thompson, Buck Moore, Randy Travis, Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers), Wayne Perry, Gerald Smith, and Dustin Shannon. As a record producer Rusty has worked with such greats as Hank Thompson, Earl Thomas Conley and Joe Diffe, and has co-produced projects with Buddy Cannon and Grammy-winning producer Larry Butler.

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